Bundles of calls

As promised in March, here are the coaching packags:
Get better hourly rates, and know you already have your appointments set up in advance.
You can cook packages after booking an initial appointment.
If you want to continue working with me on a regular basis, packages are the way to go. You can pre-plan the appointments and re-schedule as needed.
One last word:
Packages are nonrefundable for this reason: If you book a package, I am assuming your commitment to chelation is as solid as my commitment to accompanying you and helping to guide you, cheer your gains and help you solve challenges, that may come up along the way.

1 hr and 1/2 hour appointment time.

2 calls in 2 weeks

Get on board with chelation and start the trip right.

One 1 hour consult, & one 1/2 hour consult during the following week. This call is great for restarting chelation after a longer break, or when you're adding another family member and want additional clarity. $135 Net talk time: 90 minutes This pricing represents a 15% discount compared to buying individual appointments.


One 45 min consult followed by four more 20 min calls in the upcoming weeks and months (you chose the interval up to 3 months in advance).

Price: $187.50

Total talk time: 125 minutes


6 calls in 12+ weeks

One 45 min call, followed by five more 30 min calls; bookable within the next 3 to 4 months.

Great for those who already know they want more long-term accompaniment beyond the initial time frame of a one time consult.

Price: $279

Net talk time:3 1/4 hours

Almost 4 hours of talk time. Most affordable hourly rate!

The Super package:

Net talk time: 4 hours

Price: $349

Choose from 1 hour, 3/4 hr, 1/2 hr, 1/3 hr appointment options and get the attention you need, when you need it. Book appointments up to 6 months in advance.

If you want to book additional appointments after we have finished all 7 package calls, remind me to give you the discounted rate for longtime customers and you'll get the same hourly rate as this package.