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Here is to new beginnings

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

On the North American Continent a lot of families are going through lots of transitions with the start of a new school year. A lot of my acquaintances and friends and friends' children are starting new forms of school this time of year. 1st day in Kindergarten, Middle School, High School or starting college. Some of my friends are going back for more higher education themselves.

And here is my humble attempt at keeping up with a blog posting monthly posts surrounding chelation. This will be one of my new projects starting right this August.

When do you want to start chelation?

Have you set a date yet? Writing it down makes things more real for a lot of us. Just pick it, share it with someone whom you can count on for support along the way and surprise yourself!

If you want to start but haven't yet- what's holding you back? Please share that as well in the comments.

Comment what topic you want to see regularly covered.

So far I have "Round updates", "Regularly asked Questions" to be two easy to cover categories.

"Things I learned along the way" (Chelation related observations, articles pulled from media or medical journals about heavy metal toxicity/chelation)

Until next week!

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