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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

This week my family acquired a zero turn lawn mower. The rear wheels are independently turned forward or back. And depending on the configuration this can cause the machine to make a right, or left turn or circle; pretty much on the spot.

Well, I overestimated my abilities a bit, when I got it stuck in soft, water saturated muddy muck. We have had an unusually wet spring & received more rain last night actually.

I had mowed a bit yesterday, and thought I could do more today.

But then I got too far into the mud. And then the truck I wanted to use to tow the lawnmower out of the muck got stuck in the mud as well and needed towing. Fortunately, our neighbor quickly lent us a helping hand and a longer towing chain. After he had helped our truck back on the road, we borrowed his longer towing chain and pulled the lawnmower free. It was quite the team effort.

All this to say, I overestimated my beginner abilities in zero turn lawnmower operation. A different, lighter lawnmower would not have gotten stuck there, and even if, I could have pushed it out. This one not so much.

It took more motorized vehicles to get this one back onto dryer soil.

My learnings today:

1. Don't try driving the zero turn through waterlogged soil.

2. Teamwork makes big difficult things easier.

3. Better days await- if we make it so.

Why am I sharing with you that I got a lawnmower stuck in the mud?

The keyword here is 'overconfidence.' I thought because I had successfully used a different riding lawnmower on this terrain, I could do the same with the zero turn machine.

Well, I learned my lesson the hard way.

Similarly I regularly hear or come across stories of individuals who think their way or their chosen providers new way of detox is 'the best and safest detox'. When I hear their confidence I can only hope they don't get hurt.

250 mg of DMSA per dose. (At least the dosing frequency was correct.)

But the provider maintains that this is safe even with amalgams in place.

Or individuals who come from the 'healthy food alone will heal me' camp, think the supplements aren't necessary and then experience stronger side effects in response to chelators because they didn't think zinc, magnesium, Vit C and Vit E supplementation are truly necessary. They are, in fact, "essential", especially if just starting out with chelation. Years down the road, you may be able to ease off on some off-round.

There are countless ways to be overly confident and under-competent.

Mercury toxicity makes the cognitive skills of self awareness, evaluating a source, and decision making hard at times.

Spare yourself the hurt, or get help after you've been hurt by other modalities and are now coming to learn the ACC way.

Book your first appointment at Chelationcoach.as.me and start or re-start your heavy metal detox properly.

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