5 reasons you may want to chelate during holidays...

I have chelated during celebrations and on vacations.

Here are some reasons you may want to chelate during special occasions.

It may sound counterintuitive to some.

I prefer to consider the opportunities inherent in the situation:

  1. Your child is home from school, so you can maximize round length.

  2. Your child feels and therefore behaves better on round than off-round.

  3. You feel you are making the best use of your time by starting another round.

  4. You want to maintain a weekly rhythm, as your child does best with consistency- and maybe you, too. Habits that work for you are a shortcut to success!

  5. You are excited to start the next round; no matter what is coming up on your family's calendar. Maybe it's what makes it possible for you to have the energy to get through busy times; ALA in particular can be very energizing.

What other reasons have you found for chelating during special times of the year?

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