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"Prescriptions come from the outside, transformation occurs within. ... Prescriptions assume that something needs to be fixed; transformation brings forth the healing—the coming to integrity, to wholeness—of what is already there." - Gabor Mate, MD & overall wise human This is essentially how I feel about Andy Cutler Chelation (or low dose frequent chelation as he himself called it by it's more technical descriptor). The chelators utilized in ACc help us re-gain functions that where hindered- buried under heavy metal-induced chaos. And over time a perfectly harmonious nervous system just waiting to be uncovered emerges; finally cleared of the connection-stopping heavy metals mercury & lead. That, to me is a perfect definition of healing- restoration. When kids who struggled with any particular skill or even many, can effortlessly communicate in the spoken and written word, ride bikes, run, jump, read, multiply, enjoy a board game night and joke with family and friends, never missing a social cue- that's healing taking place on a physical level. That's the kind of success ACC can create. If that is a goal for your family, I'd love to help you facilitate recovery of innate abilities in your child.

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