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Coaching Services

Do you have questions about chelation and would like to make sure you have a strategy to follow? If so, odds are, I will be able to help answer your question, or help you figure out how to get a definitive answer. After helping answer literally thousands of questions pertaining to chelation over the past decade, I feel confident that I can answer your questions.

Would you just like to talk to a real, live person so chelation feels more real and doable? Talk to me.


Chances are, I have helpful things to help you chart your own course of action. My aim is to bring you clarity, by answering your questions with my deep understanding of ACC. 

I can help you get organized before the 1st round or give you my opinion on how to go forward or address current issues, after you've already chelated for a while.
You can book an initial consultation here.

My goal is to serve as many families & individuals as I can, so they can benefit from this lifechanging modality. From parents wanting to chelate their children, or parents, who want to chelate themselves after seeing what ACC has done for their children's recovery of health, individuals wanting to chelate themselves because they're quite honestly sick and tired of being sick and tired, & feel that their current medical and/or mental symptoms are connected to mercury toxicicity.

I'm a mom, who embarked on this journey for her son's sake and learned more about heavy metal toxicity, than I ever thought I would need to know to help my children thrive. In the process I ended up helping other parents recover their children, and now that I have almost chelated myself for 4 years, I feel confident in working with adults wanting to chelate themselves as well.

Little did I know at the outset that my learning and helping others would end up guiding me to chelate myself.

Helping others is my own personal way of turning the tragedy into triumph. If my family's experience can help change the trajectory of other families, it wasn't all in vain.

 Let me share what I know and what is applicable to your own or your family's situation, so your learning curve is shorter than mine.


The  Ten minute Hairtest Talk for you to decide whether you want to

a) pursue chelation for yourself or a loved one. If you have a Doctor's Data Hair Elements result already, I can give a very clear recommendation.

b) continue working with me. $10 gets you on my calendar. You stand nothing to loose and have much clarity to gain.

Initial Consultation: 60 minutes via Phone/skype (International customers, Skype only) 190
You define your goal and I will help you with tips, expertise, and experience sharing. Includes help with hair test interpretation,and a follow up e-mail.


Initial Short Consultation: 30 minutes via phone/skype- 90
You define your goal and I will help you with tips, expertise, and experience sharing.
Includes a follow-up email.

Focused Question and Answers:

15 min via phone or Skype - 40

Yes/No answers and/or corrections for those who are ready to start but want the reassurance that they are set up for success and have the right doses and times planned out.

No follow up email will be provided since you came with focused questions and I answered them on the spot.

In addition to the above types of appointments, Follow up Appointments include an Email-only support option:

If you prefer e-mail only support after your Initial Call I now offer 1 week worth of my attention for up to a dozen (12) simple Y/N questions or 8 complex questions.
Good for 1 week of emails, starting with my first day of a reply. Average turn around time to receive my reply: same or next day. I designed this type of appointment for people who prefer the written word.


Another benefit of working with me more long term are discounted rates for follow up appointments.

Refund Policy:

Individually booked appointments:

1. Appointments canceled up to 72 hours prior to the appointment will be refunded the exact amount I received from paypal.

  You may change appointment times up to 24 hours before the appointment. If you encounter any problems rescheduling on your own, let me know and I will guide you.

2. Individual appointments canceled up to 48 hours prior to the appointment will be refunded in full, only if I did NOT review any submitted information such as hairtest(s) and history, when you booked the appointment. For appointments where submitted data was already reviewed, you will receive a partial refund (50% of the amount I received).

3. If you are up to 20 min late, for a 45 min or longer session session we can start the session. Be forewarned that we may have to end at the originally scheduled time, so other clients may start their appointment on time.

4. If you are more than 15 min late for any length consult and have contacted me via skype or email during that time, we will decide together how we can handle the situation. You can decide if you want to (a) utilize the remainder of our appointment time or (b) reschedule for a shorter amount of time in the future.
If you do NOT contact me during the scheduled appointment, I will assume you cannot keep the appointment and NOT issue a refund, as that time was reserved for you on my calendar.

Packages are not refundable but the remaining appointment time can be used for multiple family members.

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