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5 Chelation related mythys deconstructed

Here are a few false beliefs that keep people from starting Low Dose Frequent Chelation. It makes me sad how many people create seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their head because they believe one or several of the following lies.

I have heard/ read, that...

...chelation removes minerals, that's why you have to take so many.

Actually the small doses of chelator used in chelation don't remove essential minerals. DMSA in a life saving situation, where it is given at much higher doses and as an IV, requires that blood electrolytes are monitored. That is an extreme situation though, and nowhere near comparable to the chronic low grade toxicity most people, who learn about low dose frequent chelation to heal themselves, suffer from.

Magnesium is taken in large quantities to make up for the mercury toxic body's inability to retain magnesium.

Zinc is given at high doses to induce metallothioneins (MT) production. MTs are small proteins that transport heavy metal molecules within the body. They are not part of excretion, buti like to think of them as safe spaces to hold mercury until a future chelator molecule comes around and attracts said mercury and escorts it that much closer too the liver.

Mercury has a very high affinity for di-thiols, hence the utility of ALA, DMSA, and DMPS. They all come with di-thiols groups. Di-thiols are 2 SH groups on one end of a molecule. This ends up being like a mega magnet for heavy metals. have to rotate probiotics and antifungals on a monthly, bi-monthly, or any other calendar-dictated rhythm. Rotating any antimicrobial agents on a schedule is a bad idea. It is how laboratories deliberately create multi-agent resistance.

If it works, don't knock it; don't change it because you're in a new month. The same goes for probiotics. If they have a benefit, don't let the calendar intimidate you. ...if I or my my child have never had amalgam fillings ACC aka low dose frequent chelation isn't necessary/ can't help us. Heavy metal exposure sources are manifold and amalgams or vaccines are just two of them. Air pollution from coal fired power plants, the water pollution generated by the same power plants, and industrial or occupational exposures (hello dental assistants, and dentists) are all risk factors. Consuming fish high in mercury on a daily or even weekly basis delivers regular doses of methylmercury, which is easily absorbed into our bodies. Just as many ways lead to Rome, many ways lead to heavy metal toxicity. need a doctor to begin Chelation. The vast majority of individuals utilizing chelation do so without a doctor guiding their chelation.

Undiagnosed anxiety is the most common issue mercury toxic individuals deal with. Anxiety can cause avoidance of what one fears- it works in the moment but the anxiety only grows the longer one waits.

Endocrine issues requiring replacement hormones, and seizure disorders, as well as psychological disorders that hinder good decision making (anxiety is a big one, & mood instability) or keeping you stuck (anxiety, and depression) do require medical oversight to help manage them until drugs are no longer needed or needed at much lower doses.

Thyroid and adrenal tissues are some of the slowest to recover (and affect mood & energy levels as well), so replacement hormones are usually necessary longer than some supplements, that are no longer essential for your daily thriving after a good amount of chelation has improved your overall quality of life. have to heal the gut before detox can work.

You don't have to heal the gut before you can chelate. Mercury can impair digestive enzyme production, for example. Taking supplemental digestive enzymes can help, while chelation removes mercury and gradually restores normal biochemistry; to include adequate digestive enzyme levels.

A closely related bonus thought: ....yeast protects the body from mercury by metabolizing/eating it.

This untruth is so tempting to believe because a lot of mercury toxic individuals struggle with chronic yeast overgrowth.

It's noticing a symptom of mercury toxicity, and making up a benevolent explanation. In reality, yeast is an opportunist. Mercury impairs the immune system and quite often chronic infections are a part of the problem. An ineffective immune system may attack the body's own tissues (all autoimmune conditions fall into this category), while allowing yeast or other infections to become chronic. Chronic sinus infections, digestive ailments aside from candida, & skin fungal infections can all be side effects of low grade chronic mercury toxicity.

Do you want to fact check more things you have heard or read about mercury detox elsewhere? Get clarity and find out what your options are with ACC.

I love talking chelation and helping you create clarity for how you can map out your chelation journey. Think of me as your local trusted guide in a foreign land, who speaks your language. I am sure, by now, you've noticed that ACC comes with it's own vernacular.

And through our work together, you'll build confidence to able to read the map and navigate your journey successfully, all while getting better and finding out what more life has in store for you or your family. Having a nonverbal child begin speaking is a game changer.

No longer fretting everyday life challenges or navigating big life changes with much more ease than you'd ever imagine.... no longer suffering from insomnia and anxiety...those are some of the effects chelation can yield.

I'm here to help you create that kind of change!

So don't hesitate and put yourrseld on my calendar. There is no time like the present!

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