Back in the saddle

I finally worked up the nerve to start another round. I still have some congestion from that cold sinusitis I wrote about a few weeks ago but I felt my mood going downhill over the last 2 weeks. I am feeling better 30 hours into another ALA round. Yup, just what I needed. Back to chelating-

nce the title.

What draws you back to chelating after a break? For me it is simply feeling better. 2 years in and I still love that ALA euphoria.

How long was your longest break and what motivated you to resume chelation?

I remember observing a deterioration in social functioning with my kids early on during chelation. Skipping rounds was not a good idea. I witnessed more grumpy, negative moods without any outside trigger for a bad mood and more adrenal stress.

At what point during the chelation journey did your child's mood or your own mood stabilize permanently?

God knows, I'm looking forward to getting there; one round at a time.

Happy chelating and chime in on any or all the questions I brought up!

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