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Botched rounds....happen

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

They happen to the best off and that is what happened to me this week.

I started my round on Wednesday with ALA, 50 mg, dosed every 2 hours during my waking hours, every 3 hours at night. I was feeling great and going strong until I didn't wake up with the alarm early Friday during my 3rd night of the round. So the silver lining here is that I made it past the 64 hour minimum round length mark. I didn't feel bad yesterday, did outside work in hot weather (painting a chicken coop in rising temps in the morning with the help of my creative kiddos), enjoyed some time at a local lake and was physically exhausted from all the outdoor activity by the time it was time to sleep. So whenever you think you messed up, remember, it's part of the process and learning of any new skill! #Growthmindset

If you didn't know this about me yet, I like quotes.

Here are some to go with that Growth mindset Carol Dweck popularized:

"Whenever you leave behind failure that means you're doing better. If you think everything you've done has been great, you're probably dumb." - Louis CK

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

In the past I got very upset over a round cut short by forgetfulness or oversleeping. I would complain to my husband, to myself- the inner critic was strong with lots of mercury mucking up my thinking! I would mope about for a day feeling sorry for myself and not as bad as I expected.

This time I didn't get upset. I just made sure I took my regular doses of Magnesium and Vitamin C throughout the day and that was it. No bad side effects, no headache or mid day slump. I'm hoping this means I can safely increase my dose and go after deeper stores of mercury. :)

I've also been enjoying the restoring powers of Cordyceps mushroom. In it's native habitat it takes over ants. Modern day cordyceps growers cultivate it on plant based material. I like the slight extension in energy I get from daily consumption. I've used Planetary Herbalss and Dr's Best. I also have an OM product with cordyceps waiting to be opened. Their growth medium of choice is oats and I love Maiitake. 2 weeks in- so far, so good. I am wondering if I could cultivate the mushroom on our property. Team Hippocrates: Let food be thy medicine. :)

What supplement that you hadn't appreciated before ended up helping you more than you thought a supplement could?

Any other comments how your attitude towards a round cut short has shifted over time? #nolongerafraidoffailure

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