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Clearing three common misconceptions around chelation- Kids edition

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

I will briefly explain 3 things that come up occasionally, when people talk about ACC.

"ACE is optional during chelation."

Having interacted with hundreds of parents and adults since 2012 it is my opinion that 75% of individuals chelating will benefit from taking ACE. I compare it to witholding a cast from someone with a broken leg- you wouldn't do it. Use ACE and watch life become easier for everyone.

Adrenal stress can be pre-existing before someone starts chelation.


Why do we not increase doses more quickly?

Raising the chelator dose increases the amounts of Hg excreted somewhat. Side effects, however, are quadrupled with a doubling of the dose, wheras Andy estimated heavy metal excretion to only increase by about 1/3 when doubling the dose.

So the benefit of increasing the dose diminishes, while the negative side effects grow exponentially.

My goal for chelation is sustainability. You won't do something that makes you miserable over and over again, if you don't see a benefit.

Keeping a dose where using supplements makes controlling side effects easy, is a good dose in my book. :)


I have heard that my child has to be under 3 or 4 or in a certain age window to benefit from chelation:

False. If you didn't know about chelation until now, how were you supposed to do it before you knew it?!? So let the guilt and worry go. Start where you are at. Chances are hundreds of parents with the same age child have been where you are RIGHT now.

Start where you are and enjoy the progress at the rate you get it. Consider that adults with decades of toxicity are recovering with this protocol. It is Never too late; and I am not a fan of absolutes. This is one of a few exceptions.


Getting up at night for night time doses can be avoided by taking Sustained Release ALA:

False. Ala is only absorbed in a small section of the small intestine. It doesn't matter *how* slowly the ALA dissolved until then; it's all absorbed in this small section once it gets there.

Do you have any "true or false" questions or uncertainties, I could address in a future post? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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