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Have you been busy with life?

I know I have. It even included a few rounds of chelating (I am on round as I am typing this!). It also included incubating chicken eggs, on top of the regular stuff of Chelation, teaching my kiddos (we homeschool), running household, and a few necessary trips for other things- Making sure everyone in the family is taken care of.

And after one week of not writing a blog post because I didn't know what to write about, it became a bit of a self-runner. Yet, in the back of my head was the nagging feeling of: 'You committed to this, just start writing. You'll think of something.'

So all this to say, that pre-chelation I would have simply concluded that I am overwhelmed and can't do this weekly blogging.

Now I figure, I'd rather write now than delay by another week and feel even worse about myself.

What do you delay? What reward or satisfaction are you denying yourself?!

Have you purchased or started the Essential Four to feel better, yet? Or have you been preparing your teeth for chelation by getting safe amalgam removal scheduled, or learned another facet about chelation?

Starting something and navigating change can be especially hard with mercury toxicity. Lots of irrational worries can run the show and keep us from starting what we rationally knows can help- but then the worries and fears creep in- and keep us paralyzed in the status quo.

I'll reward myself with a trip to see my mama hen with her adopted chicks, once I have pushed "publish" on this post. So there, that's what I had to do, to get this post started...and finished.

I am available for appointments, and have recently changed hours a bit to account for my altered weekend schedule (Saturday mornings are for selling my organic eggs at a local Farmer's Market), but if you need a different time slot not currently available, let me know and I'll see, if I can create it. I am pretty flexible.

PS: Here are our adorable Black Copper Marans chicks and their adoptive Black Jersey Giant mom filmed last week during one of their very first morning outings.

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