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I'm still here- Covid-19 hasn't stopped/ can't stop the healing chelation can bring

Updated: May 24, 2020

While Covid-19 lockdowns and the epidemic itself has changed all of our lives in some way, as a parent I'm in charge of setting the tone at home. For me part of that tone or mood is improved by continuing with my weekly rhthym of completing rounds and insisting on regular bedtimes & other self care routines. My kids requesting I read aloud brings me joy.

If you thought of starting chelation but didn't have the time to start, maybe this is the perfect time to start?!

You get to keep your agency, when the world seems uncertain and doctors are discouraging / ignorant/ untrained / (put your favored adjective here) ...about healing your child or even diagnosing precisely what they'd call it.

Low grade chronic heavy metal toxicity affects a lot of people. Once you learn the signs you see it everywhere. Egyptian studies have linked Autism to Mercury and lead toxicity, while American doctors still implicate genetics first.

Well, while doctors claim there is no cure, or ABA therapy is the only cure, moms & dads around the world are healing their kids from the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity via low dose frequent chelation.

Join their ranks and change not only your child's but your whole family's life.

Imagine for a second a child that can verbally express their needs or observations? A chronic condition that regresses without new medications.

Less stress over all is what that results in. :)

What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present to change the future. What we do day in and out determines the outcome.

I've lost my anxiety of messing up. This is my third draft of this blog post because technology mishaps in the wix app have led to me losing, what I thought was good writing.

In the past I would have gotten discouraged and thrown in the towel. Walked away... Chelation has steeled my resilience in a lot of ways. I thought of myself as pretty strong before but chelation has revealed a deeper confidence in what I CAN do. I am keeping my agency, in situations that would have thrown me off balance a few years ago.

Today I simply start over again, just like last week's messed up round is being replaced by this week's proper round.

Forward is the only way to go!

What is your next step forward to start chelation successfully and confidently?

Maybe booking a call can help you get certain on how to put the pieces together. If you're so inclined, book a call at

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