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Addressing Lead with ACC, part 2 of 2

After going over some common exposure routes and medical tests in last weeks' post, todays' post will cover some symptoms of lead toxicity that commonly affect children,

and finally how to address lead with low dose frequent chelation:

Symptoms during acute exposure can include:

Colic and tummy aches.


Poor protein absorption. Scrawny limbs & a protruding lower belly, a really malnourished look.

Hyperactivity as well as hypotonia, & constipation.

clenched hands and feet, cramps, forgetful, prefering to wake up and go to bed early.

Developmental delays; cognition, or motor skills or both, difficulty sustaining attention.


kidney issues can occur with in-utero exposure during a mother's acute exposure.

Wrist drop (lead specific), dysgraphia (mercury and lead both can contribute to this).

If you want to get a bit of a deeper medical overview visit this link: Lead (Pb) Toxicity: What Are the Physiologic Effects of Lead Exposure? | ATSDR - Environmental Medicine & Environmental Health Education It's predecessor was part of my education on the topic. Trying to retrace our steps was what I did learning of the magnitude of the lead problem years after our exposure had ended. I say 'retrace our steps' because I was unaware of our acute lead exposure, when it was happening. Thank God, it was 'only' 7 months. That was still long enough to wreck havoc on my little family's health for years to come. All unbeknownst to me at the time, of course.

Some of the symptoms I listed above can persist for years- even after the toxic exposure has ended.

Current medical opinion is that the reduction in cognitive impairment is a permanent consequence but the use of DMSA reversing these clearly demonstrates that lead toxicity is reversible. I saw this in my family and plenty of detailed reports from other parents, who shared their detailed progress notes and annual reviews with me.

There were too many similarities in identical or nearly identical improvements for me to chalk it up to chance or wishful thinking.

If your child can't write because their hand hurts (and has for years disliked anything to do with coloring, drawing) and then the hand doesn't hurt anymore without physical therapy or other interventions, it stands to reason that these gains are/were due to chelation. If other families doing the same treatment for the same reason, see the same sort of improvements in behavior and abilities and ACC is our common denominator, I feel I am on to something.

Hypotonia, constipation, aggression, hyperacticity, ADHD, and issues with impulse control are all symptoms seen in special-needs children affected by lead exposures. It doesn't matter whether the exposure occurred in utero, in old housing they lived in for some time and haven't resided in for years. The lead trapped in their bodies is not leaving on it's own and persists for decades.

"Lead is toxic to nearly every organ in the body, and gradual exposure can lead to learning disabilities later on in life. Acute lead poisoning, meanwhile, can cause muscle weakness and tingling, pain, nausea, diarrhea, and weight loss.

It's insidious because even though the dangers are known, and have been known for over a century by now, awareness seems minimal once you talk to every people and the average medical practitioner. And a standard medical treatment isn't applied to even low levels despite medical science catching up with the fact, that there is no such things as a 'safe lead level.' The 'safe level' of lead in US public health circle discussions has been lowered over the decades. In 2016 finally the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded, that there is no such thing as a 'safe lead level'.

In my experience, Andrew Hall Cutler's deep understanding of biochemistry (he had a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton, after all) made it easy for him to predict the way DMSA addresses lead stored in the human body.

DMSA was specifically developed as an antidote to acute lead poisoning in industrial workers in the Soviet Union in 1958. A smelting accident causing acute lead toxicity symptoms in laborers, for example, being the problem to address. Acute lead toxicity symptoms include seizures, coma, and death.

These patients were given DMSA IVs in a hospital setting due to their severe symptoms, connected to the high lead exposure.

As with other toxins, ending the exposure is the first step.

Next, the use of small oral doses of DMSA every 4 hours for a minimum of 64 hours in a 'round' fashion for several years is how chronic low grade toxicity can be reversed. That's what it boils down to.

I am aware that my claim, that lead toxicity is reversible, it flies in the face of current medical opinion.

Not having a medical standard for treatment to lower lead body burden is but one problem mentioned here. Doctors have even gotten into trouble for prescribing DMSA to be taken every 4 hours, since 8 hour dosing is the current minimum for dosing intervals accepted as the proper medical standard.

Medical doctors were also taught/ led to believe that margarine is better than butter and also told patients to avoid eating eggs because of their cholesterol content. Contrast that with research now showing the negative side effects of hydrogenated fats (Chemically altered fatty acid to makes plant oils solid at room temperature) and eggs are no longer demonized. Nowadays some doctors even prescribe cholesterol to aid their pediatric patients' cognition. My point here is, that medical science still has a lot to learn and isn't done learning.

Considering that medical literature agrees that lead wields it's damaging effects by mimicking the actions of calcium in the body and is capable of blocking calcium dependent pathways (much like mercury blocking certain enzymatic pathways, that rely on zinc-binding to it's sites and readily unbinding), it only makes sense that removing lead gradually allows calcium, zinc, and iron to take the place. Places, where lead previously hindered their actions finally being free to re-act as intended.

Having these minerals take their rightful place in the body helps children to develop normally; from normalized nerve signal conduction to normal muscle contractions to proper heme synthesis, and all the other functions lead impairs because of how it interacts with different types of molecules throughout the body.


A medical diagnosis of lead exposure is a stepping stone to reversing it.

If the exposure is definitely over, chelating with DMSA every 4 hours for a minimum of 64 consecutive hours is the way to remove lead from the body.

Do this for several years and watch your child or loved one recover. Adults can chelate, too, by the way. In my writing I focus on educating parents. Being a mom myself that seems to come very easily to me. :)

If you are ready to embark on this journey, I would love to help you get started. If you've already started chelating and just recently came to learn about lead and want me to help out, reach out and let's talk. :)

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