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Mindset Matters - How to successfully chelate

In this post I want to explore how mindset plays into how well we can increase the odds of successfully chelating.

Taking the Essential 4 supporting supplements and chelators on round in a specific way is one part to ensure chelation becomes manageable.

Today I want to bring up mindset-related topics:

1. Have the goal of getting better through chelation.

This may sound simple but know your personal "Why am I doing this?" and writing it down can make persisting through the lows easier. Pick your worst mercury-connected symptoms and the goal is to lessen intensity or completely eliminate that problem. Having the intention is being half way there. Because if you have no goal, any destination is fine. If getting better is the goal, you're more likely to choose daily behaviors that will support your recovery. Slow and steady wins the race, Aesop teaches in his fable of the Rabbit and the Tortoise. Chelation is similar. It's a slow process, at first look. Compared to a lifetime of dealing with mercury symptoms, investing a few years time into recovery seems time well spent. Time will pass anyway, so make it count! 2. Streamline your organization. Speaking for myself here: Having the Essential 4 in a highly frequented spot and small quantities in my purse, makes it easy to take magnesium and Vit C 4 times per day. I am highly visual, so if I want something to be top of mind, it has to be in plain sight for me. I also pre-arrange the next dose (for both E4s and chelator), so it's convenient and easy to take them, at the appropriate time. If you prefer a different reminder system, please share it in the comments below or drop me a line @

Some people like pill-minders, others like a checklist... How do you plan for success?

3. Forgive yourself for messing up. All too often mercury toxicity makes us strive for unattainable levels of perfection. Making mistakes is part of learning. You're learning new habits of taking supplements throughout the day and chelators on a tight schedule. So you forgot your first dose of chelator during a round after 3 months of not forgetting any doses, or imagine, you realize you forgot zinc for the 3rd time this week....either way getting upset won't help you undo mistakes. If you can eat a bite of food to take your zinc for today, do so. Take it now and devise a plan to increase the odds of remembering it more reliably tomorrow...and every day going forward for as long as you chelate.

For the rest show yourself the same kind of compassion you would extend to a friend in your situation. 4. Reach out for help. What do people, whom you consider mature and successful, do? Most of the people I look up to reach out for help, when they need help in solving what they have defined as their problem. The nature of the specific problems may differ but in all cases help can be found, if you frame it as a problem; potentially from a different angle than you're currently looking at it but if changing your perspective can turn a preciously unsolvable problem into a solvable problem, that's progress in my book.

So if you have questions about chelation, want to get started on the right foot and prepare yourself with good know-how and know-why, feel free to book your Initial Consult with me at

If you think your friends can benefit from this article, feel free to send them the url to this blog.

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