My Timeline for starting chelation

When I first learned of chelation and then low dose frequent, it didn't take me long to get started. I knew we had nothing to loose but time itself -and that passes away the same for everyone on a daily basis. So yes, I had urgency. I had Vitamin C on hand, purchased the other supplements and prepared for my oldests' first round within 3 weeks. He was 7 1/2 when he started chelation.

His first symptom was a return of an old symptom (nerve pain in his feet, causing toe walking because the sole of the foot hurt & pressure made it worse), actually. It helped that I was already knowledgeable enough about chelation to be able to reframe it as: "This return of an old symptom confirms toxicity, so it's good that you're having a response." It confirmed, that we were on the right path.

With my middle one I waited years because he is soooo social. He was almost 4. I. His first symptom were night sweats. Anxiety symptoms crept up on round and I knew that, he, too, needed adrenal support.

My youngest is the only one whose hairtest met counting rules, and at the time it crushed me. Seeing it in black and white initially was not the relief it is for some. Then again, I started chelating him at age 23 months and still wish, I had started 11 months earlier.

Thank God, he responded very similar to his oldest brother: Noticable response during the first round. Within 36 hours he had a new word approximation and was able to report that his missing "jaff" (A toy giraffe) was found. I asked him to sign it as well, to confirm that I understood him correctly. That was my best birthday gift ever, my baby boy finding his voice, gaining the oral motor-skills to make new sounds and express his thoughts!!! I still smile thinking back to that moment of seeing his blond fuzz and his eyes beaming and making solid eye contact, while he told me that he had found his 'jaff.

What is your why? Who or what motivates you? Let me know in the comments or drop me a line.

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