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Packages 2.0 and yes, I will talk about Covid-19 Delta

“I am thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strength.” ~ Alexandra Elle

So many times I felt the above mentioned sentiment over the years. The only way I could think to make my families struggle with heavy metal toxicity seem meaningful, was to pay it forward and share what I know, what I've found to be true, and what works for lots of families.

And to deepen that commitment I've lengthened the timeframes and hours of numbers I offer in the form of discounted hourly appointments in prepaid bundles called "Packages."

This comes on the heels of me realizing, that the individuals who have regular appointments do the best. Some who are well prepared do fine with getting the initial reassurance that they're on the right track.

Others seek consistent support and offering packages with lower hourly rates --compared to buying individual follow-up appointments- makes that possible.

The new packages come with a

30 Day Refund Guarantee.

If, for whatever reason, you change your mind, you will be issued a refund for the remaining time included in the package for up to 30 days after your initial package purchase.

Alternatively remaining time can be transferred to benefit a different family member as well.

Now to something totally different. We're going into the cooler seasons here in the Northern Hemisphere. Fall is truly beautiful in our area with hickory trees changing color and bathing the landscape in yellows, and browns and storms rolling through.

If Covid19 is an issue where you are, know that the high amounts of zinc that are part of ACC helped me with a quick recovery- including my sense of smell; it was gone for about 2 weeks total, from acutely sick to the week after already feeling better.

My symptoms of fatigue, body aches, weird temperature fluctuations (no real fever, high for me, since I run low), non productive cough, loss of smell, productive cough all followed one another, with some overlap for a day or so at a time.

The body aches ended with normalizing temperature, but then my cough began.

At some point I thought: I better look at what Andy recommended for SARS a few years ago. I'll see, if I can help my body more than I already am.

So I added two I had on hand: St John's Worth, and Vit A; with those added to my existing supplement regimen, I recovered in a matter of days.

Are you curious what Andy had to say about SARS, at the time? I was, and now you can see for yourself:

Being acutely sick to this degree, I skipped a few rounds of chelation, obviously. There was no way I could wake up for night time doses, with the level of fatigue I dealt with even after the cough had subsided after about 5 days.

But this week I finished a 75 mg ALA round without any incident. I experienced minimal fatigue this time and am still functioning well the day after round (today). It was during this past round, when I first thought of the package restructuring for a more long term purpose. Chelation takes years to complete. Definitely a few months to learn and get into a habitual routine of weekly rounds, while your life is still busy with a myriad of other things. So, without further ado....

Check out the new packages here:

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