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I am feeling philosophical on this beautiful Monday.

In looking back over the past few years since I started chelating myself, I realize I have become more flexible and responsive, mentally as well as physically. I like myself better in this new flexible version vs the rigid thinking and easily panicked and overreacting individual I used to be.

What have you noticed shifting in your life due to a deliberate habit change?

Because like any other habit, chelation can be learned, and integrated seamlessly into your life's daily and weekly rhythms.

What burning chelation-related question do you have?

Comment below and let's see the growing capacity for self-reflection that comes with a healthier brain.

Chelation takes us from fight or flight to rest and digest. Life is easier with a clearer head; less stressful all around. Challenging situations still occur but we are better able to handle them with more ease and deliberateness. Dealing with stress, taking action and necessary steps is easier, when mercury no longer impairs our cognition and self-regulation capacities.

What is your favorite self-regulation practice? Do you take a deep breath and imagine a loved one or friend is hugging you, while you give yourself a hug? Do you practice mindfulness activities? What helps you cope with life's vicissitudes? What makes you feel less isolated in this time of 'quarantine'?

I realize that what I am writing about isn't strictly chelation related but I feel increasing our capacity for self regulation dovetails the healing of the body nicely. I learned this weekend that mindfulness exercises can even help overcome the symptoms of old traumas. I see mercury as an insidious trauma inflicted upon my body. I was helpless and blameless in it's creation but I can overcome it and help my body heal and move forward in the right direction. When you heal the body, you heal the mind. Heal the mind by deliberately creating new thought patterns, and inevitably your habits and outcomes will improve.

What do you think? What resonates? What is your favorite self-regulation habit? Have you ever thought of your habits as tools you utilize deliberately?

feeling philosophical, & looking forward to your answers,

Sandra :)


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