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Taking baby steps towards healing: How to start when you're afraid.

Nothing beats fear like taking action.

Fear can keep us frozen, stuck and stagnant; not a healthy physiological nor psychological state.

If you want to start chelation but don't know where to start even after getting your hairtest results and reading the Mercury Detox Manual, I am here to help.

I see myself as the friendly guide along the way. I can help map out next steps on your path until your confidence increases and your self talk shifts to: "I got this. I'm grateful the chelation coach helped me through the early days of my chelation journey. I'll call on her again, if I need help."

Like a compass, let me be the one who points to true north and helps you orient yourself in the world of safe heavy metal detox. Because it can feel like a lot initially. So many things to think through, and the tendency of mercury toxic individuals to overthink and come up with a myriad of hypothetical reasons to avoid starting. Case in point: I began chelation myself when my youngest son was almost 3. My self talk was this: "I am nursing a toddler. I should nurse him longer because I nursed his older brother longer. I am all about fairness and equal treatment." Meanwhile my physical and mental energy reserves were being drained.

In thinking back to those days, I still think it sounds so crazy but at the time that thought was absolute truth ('You owe the child more nursing time so he won't be jealous of his brother') to me. I talked myself into feeling guilty over choices made quite a bit, back in those days. I am grateful to say those days are gone courtesy of continued chelation and feeling mentally and physically healthier despite being a few years older. :) Now I even tell others not to 'should' themselves. You know those people who don't say: I will do (fill in activity of their choice) but instead they constantly say: "I should....." and then resent either not doing it or doing it. If this is you, there is hope at the end of this long tunnel of thinking you're running out of options. If mercury is part of your problems, removing it makes other interventions like counseling and therapy that much more effective. Neuroplasticity is our friend!

So take the next week and just become an observer of your habitual thoughts. Do you catch yourself forcing yourself into situations that leave you feeling negative, even though you chose them? As the saying goes, awareness is the first step to change.

Next, challenge your thoughts. My personal way to challenge irrational thoughts was to simply pretend I am an outside observer- I imagined what a trusted loved one would respond, if I said this out loud around them. That often diminished the credibility I gave those mercury and fear-fueled thoughts: "That's just mercury talking."

It didn't work all the time but it worked some of the time and with my own chelation the irrational thoughts themselves have ceased popping up randomly completely.

I shared with a client last week, that I used to be deathly afraid (pacing through the house before making a call, trying to avoid it....not knowing WHY I am afraid of making it.

Will I forget what I want to say? ...even something as benign as scheduling an appointment caused me some anxiety until I got it done and over with. A phone ring gave me an adrenaline jolt, too. Unless I expected a phone call I was always prepared for the worst. This started years before I met my husband and received the news of his severe injuries by phone, so I can't attribute it to that one call. It's actually very common problem once you talk to other mercury toxic individuals. Andy shared that he had a problem of not being able to remember phone numbers anymore.

I, myself, am happy to report that since starting chelation in May of 2017 I have re-aquired the ability to keep strings of numbers in my short term memory without having to double and triple check myself. (OCD anyone?) That sort of thing is a good thing to leave behind.

Thank God, for neuroplasticity and healing nerve connections.

Neuroplasticity may just be another topic I will write a little vignette about in the coming weeks.

What should I write about next, what questions do you have? Drop me a line at

have good week and know you're not alone- no matter how difficult life or certain aspects of your life may seem, at the moment.

"We are all just walking each other home" - Ram Dass

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