The much debated "B word" in chelation....

B-Vitamins..... some of us love them, some parents hate them after a bad run in with B12 causing hyperactivity or even aggression that didn't subside for another 2 weeks after just one dose.

I used to hate them for my oldest for how negatively they affected him (non stop pacing and climbing on furniture). When we re-tried them again after 2 year of chelation they did have no noticeable bad or good effect. My conclusion: No longer needed. Albeit my kiddo was probably eating healthier and much healing had taken place courtesy of those rounds of chelation that had occurred in the meantime.

I myself take some B vitamins on occasion but I don't miss not taking them.

They are powerful substances. A recommendation to take B complex was originally part of Andrew Hall Cutler's recommendations in Amalgam Illness since B Vitamins can help the adrenal cortex function better.

For most adults trying it is easy enough. For children trying small doses is fine but it's not as essential as the Essential 4 (E4: Vit V, E, Zinc and Magnesium).

Entire theories around treating MTFHR and Folate as a crucial treatment part exist and they are a great adjunct to those here reading or with family affected by specific MTFHR alleles. (see Dr Ben Lynch's website, for example)

If special folate products help your child or yourself, continue on.

If you have seen your child morph into a different person under the influence of a B Complex or even individual B12- discontinue supplementation.

The success of chelation does NOT hinge on the use of specific Vitamin B supplements.

The Essential 4, Adrenal Support and most important of all the chelators themselves will get the job done and optimize how the body absorbs the nutrients and metabolizes food.

Have you tried the Folate product your friend recommended only to have it not work for your child? Have you checked for MTFHR markers and started treatment and saw improvement? Have you started just treating based on strong suspicion (mid line defects and other markers) and see improvement from aiding the body with methylation supplements?

Lets get a conversation going. All voices matter!

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