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I resumed rounds last week again after a few week break. I like how I feel on round but if sleep isn't forthcoming, I don't start a round because I don't want to botch it during the first or second night.

So I skipped, trusting I would get more sleep and then start a round. And I did! :)

What do you do when life gets stressful? Prior to chelation I believed, I had to figure out everything myself. Whatever beliefs we hold, we will act upon.

I've come to the conclusion that seeking counsel on whatever topic is too hard for me to tackle alone- at the time- is navigated easier with support from someone more knowledgeable than myself. Knowing some facts isn't the whole picture either. Sometimes the help comes in the form of someone more experienced sharing a strategy for your particular situation that deviates from what you already know, expect or thought was possible.

And if you want to talk about chelation in this context: Ask away. I offer free short calls so you can get a feel for my coaching style.

I'm here to be your guide through unknown territory by introducing you to it's landmarks. :)

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