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What prevents healing? The 4 most common delays to the start of chelation.

1. Fear and overthinking: I am afraid I'll get worse. Confirmation bias: Weighing negative information stronger than positive information.

What if this doesn't work for me or my loved one?

Is it too late for me? Is my child too old to benefit from chelation?

How will I ensure I wake up with the alarms? And on and on.

The sad part is that a hallmark symptom of mercury toxicity in women is anxiety. I have been there, done that and watched it vanish

2. Perfectionism, aka 'the current situation isn't ideal', I am not able to time things up perfectly. Closely related to number 1.

May sound like: I haven't found the perfect balance of supplements, yet. I don't have the time to do this.

3. Ignorance (The easiest on this list to cure.) If you don't know it, odds are I have answered that question either for myself or others already over the course of the last 9 years.

4. Not taking action; static mindset, procrastination: It's too hard for me. I can't ______ (fill in the blank with any of the following phrases):

wake up at night; do this regularly; I can't do it now; afford it; do it without a partner or second adult; are some of the more common reasons people share.

It often loops back to 1 as the root.

My cited reasons were:

a. I can't afford safe amalgam removal.

Which became, "I can't afford not to take good care of me," as my mental and physical health declined enough to scare me. My 4 year old finishing my sentences based on context clues, when I couldn't remember the words: That was my first nudge that, 'hey Sandra, you need to chelate, too. It's helping your kids, you need this, too.'

b. "I am ok," when I was really struggling with energy throughout the day. Heat knocked me out and we lived in a place that gets hot for several months per year. I knew of the struggle heat and exercise combined caused for my adrenals. Taking kids to the neighborhood park today, sitting on couch afterward and having to lounge around the next day to recover at home is not normal.

c. What if I feel run over by a truck after the safe removals?!? My kids need me. Bedridden isn't an option. I had seen a woman end up bedridden after her old amalgams were replaced by new amalgams but that shoes how strong that negativity bias is. I didn't take into consideration that the removal wasn't safe, and that MORE amalgams were placed into this woman's mouth. I defaulted to cited reason #1. Fear. The fear that, I too, would end up bedridden, even though thed details of our situations were not even remotely comparable. Fear makes for irrational thinking that is hard to get away from in the moment that we have those paralyzing thoughts.

All the reasons we cite for being unable to start have a root. Examine that and just like the removal of heavy metals from a body, naming the root feeling has a phletora of positive side effects once addressed.

If I, a mom whose second language is English, whose knowledge of heavy metal toxicity became a matter of necessity to initially help her oldest child can do this, you can too. I am not special. I am dedicated, caring, persistent, and data driven. I follow instructions well.

If you identify with the last two sentences, odds are, I will be able to help you and your family.

Let's break down perceived obstacles into surmountable hurdles to overcome, and before you know it, you can look back on progress.

If you're ready to take action, set up an initial appointment with me at

negative self-talk: I have always been sick. I won't get better. I am doomed.

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